“As Founder and Chairman of ROEX I was looking for an investment banker that not only understood my goals but was willing to work with my company to create an exit strategy that truly satisfied all my needs. MS Capital was quick to identify several strategic and private equity investors that would pay top dollar for my company. We were within striking distance of consummating a very lucrative deal when the government stepped in and put a wrench into the works. That deal did not take place but MSC stayed with us through the tough times and supported our needs to get back on our feet. After three years of battling a tough economy and governmental penalties we were forced to sell the company at a much lower price but one that was the best deal at the time. MSC advised me through the process and has been invaluable in many areas outside of the strict investment banking and advisory services. I have found that their business experience and practical advice had allowed me to stay in control of the process and drive the best deal possible under the circumstances.” –Rodney Burreson, Founder