Our firm is an independent advisory-focused investment bank with exposure to industry expertise across our Marshall & Stevens family. We are committed to providing timely, transparent, & objective advice to all our clients. We are united in a single purpose: furnishing investment banking services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our people are passionate, skilled, and diligent independent advisors. We take pride in providing timely advice, accurate analyses, and concise reports in all our engagements. We work exclusively with closely held businesses in the lower middle market across numerous industries.

The MS Capital Philosophy:

Holistic Approach:

Clear vision of the needs and objectives of all stakeholders

Understanding of financial strength and value of each client’s business

Develop clear objective and strategy for implementation

Open Communications:

Independent advice

Transparent and honest

Timely communication and clear flow of data

The Right Deal:

Selective in choosing the clients we work with

Look to do the right deal, not just any deal

Patience and understanding are the keys to deals that stand the test of time

Our Key Practice Areas:

  • Strategic Business Advisory
  • Sell-side & Buy-side Services
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Pre-transactional Advisory
  • ESOP Consulting Services

Why Clients Choose to Work with Us:

We guide and help our clients by evaluating all options and translating results from a clear growth-path into measurable returns, act as negotiators and consultants on behalf of clients when appropriate and execute a lucrative and optimal transaction benefiting the organization by bringing in the right financial or strategic partner.

  1. We are committed and willing to work with clients long before any liquidity event is in sight
  2. We look to do the right transaction, not just any transaction
  3. We understand the importance to be ready to go to market
  4. Throughout our firm we have specific industry experts across many disciplines and sectors
  5. We understand value and what it means to market participants, investors, partners, and owners

Investment Banking Service Contacts

Mark Santrasiero

Mark W. Santarsiero

President and CEO
[email protected]

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Stevens Susel

Steven Susel

Managing Director
[email protected]

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Gregory Feldman

Gregory Feldman

Managing Director
[email protected]

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Alex Patras

Alexander Patras

Vice President
[email protected]

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Jordan Santarsiero

Jordan Santarsiero

Vice President
[email protected]

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