Mergers & Acquisitions

Going to market for a sale of your company has multiple stages, each important in their own way:

Initial stage: Work to put together the story about the company

  • Make sure we cover all the important aspects of the business to build a compelling story about its history and just as important the potential in the future
  • Review the financial information as well as operational to create a document that supports the story with these pieces
    • This is critical because the cleaner the numbers and discussion of operations are the less surprises and higher value for the company we can get

Identify the best group of buyers (targets) to go after

  • Using the review above – depending on the financials, operations, management, markets and growth potential different buyers become our focus
  • We start to vet buyers to make sure they will be a fit and achieve want you want out of a deal – besides the best price, preserving the legacy and people as much as possible
  • Create the final list of targets
  • Customize the story (docs) for the targets

Go to market

  • With the documentation in place and target list created we start the process of going to market
  • Review and analyze interest from buyers to qualify them and work toward either indications of interest of letters of interest – Offers
  • Compare offers and negotiate with groups that have supplied offers to get down to the best 2-3
  • Finalize the analysis and with management decide on the one to accept and pursue

Ready the company for due diligence

  • Prepare all documentation that will be needed
  • Prepare management for the interview process
  • Accompany management through both of the above

Make The Deal

  • Receive and review purchase documents prior to attorney
  • Part of the negotiating team along with accountant and attorney to drive document to best option
  • Work through closing of deal

"Let us help you evaluate all the options, develop a clear growth-path and reach measurable returns."


What does success look like?

  • Understanding each stakeholder’s perspective – what would you like to accomplish?
  • Aligning all stakeholders’ goals & objectives with market realities – can it be done?
  • Determine the optimal timing to achieve goals – is this the right time? Is everyone ready?

Understand where the Company is today and its place in the market

  • Performance of the Company
  • What are the value drivers
  • Is value at its maximum?
  • Is there more to do to achieve highest value?

Implementing clear strategy for success

  • Identify available options aligned to goals
  • Structure & implement a clear plan
  • Manage every aspect of the process from beginning to end

Mergers & Acquisitions: A Few Of Our Success Stories:

Peggy Malone & Associates

“…thank you and your organization for your support and guidance with the sale of our company. We started the process back in late summer of 2019. That seems like a long time ago. COVID threw us a big curve ball right at the crunch time of the deal. Looking back on the journey, it was a great tribute to you and the Marshall Stevens organization that you were able to hold the deal together and complete it during these uncertain times… Finding a qualified buyer seemed almost too easy for you guys. It seems like you had the buyer already in line before the marketing package was even ready for publication. That part was quick. Plus the buyer Marshall Stevens brought to the table met one of our key needs in the deal. Not the last dollar but a buyer that would take care of our employees like we did going forward. That point was paramount to us and buyer you brought to the table met that need.” – Mike Simpson, V.P.

Dynamic Roofing + Construction LLC

“I am truly grateful for the guidance the MS Capital team provided to help secure this growth opportunity. The team demonstrated the critical business, financial, and deal negotiation skills required for a successful transaction. MS Capital was able to run an efficient process that yielded an excellent result for the business. Their superb client service efforts were sincerely appreciated.” – Jed Sybrowsky


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Mergers & Acquisitions

Peggy Malone & Associates

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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