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Facts About Family-Owned Businesses:

Family-owned businesses comprise 80-90% of all North American businesses.1

Nearly 35% of the Fortune 500 are family firms.2

Family businesses account for 58% of the GDP, 60% of the US Workforce & 78% of all new job creation.2

30% of all family-owned businesses survive into the second generation.

12% into the third generation

3% into the fourth generation

Result - 97% of all family-owned business don’t survive past the 3rd generation3

The Numbers Make It Clear: 

Business Owners Need an Integrated Business Succession and Estate Plan!

Each of the following plans has unique functions to protect the business, accumulated wealth, and prepare for retirement. MS Capital has a proven track record of working with business owners to create and execute these plans.


Typical Business Owner Concerns/Objectives

  • Develop an integrated plan meeting their objectives
  • Complete the plan on their terms while healthy/able
  • Have a personal exit strategy
  • Diversify investments and create some liquidity
  • Take care of their family, managers, and employees
  • Minimize personal and corporate taxes
  • Recruit, reward, and retain key people
  • Maintain control during transition period
  • Leave a legacy

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