We guide and help our clients by evaluating all options and translating results from a clear growth-path into measurable returns, act as negotiators and consultants on behalf of clients when appropriate and execute a lucrative and optimal transaction benefiting the organization by bringing in the right financial or strategic partner.

  • We are committed and willing to work with clients long before any liquidity event is in sight
  • We look to do the right transaction, not just any transaction
  • We understand the importance to be ready to go to market
  • Throughout our firm we have specific industry experts across many disciplines and sectors
  • We understand value and what it means to market participants, investors, partners, and owners

How We Can Help:

Outline Growth Strategies

  • Organic: increased revenue from existing customers and new clients
    • Target growth per year
  • Acquisition: fragmented industry with many small players
    • Refine strategy to fit with existing business, growth goals and fastest path to success
  • Other strategies to scale the business
  • Understand and help develop integration and synergistic strategies for growth
  • Review geographic focus relative to span of control issues
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Deal Target Generation

  • Help identify target criteria
  • Service offering, size, economics, location
  • Identify and pursue potential acquisition targets
  • Analyze and evaluate culture fit of candidates
  • Negotiate favorable transaction terms and structure

Scrutinize Financial Position

  • Outline strengths and weaknesses in Company’s current financial position
  • Consult on how to best address weak points
  • Manage cashflow for growth and strategic planning
  • Capital allocation plans for busines growth?
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Due Diligence

  • Vetting of potential targets
    • Viability relative to size, economics, strategy, fit
    • Review reporting for Quality of Earnings (Q of E) analyses
    • Manage Q of E process to maximize understanding and minimize costs
    • Identify areas of concern for further exploration & explanations

Attract Investors

  • Help develop CIM to showcase growth strategy and returns for investors
  • Source potential growth capital
  • Manage bank financing process when applicable

Logical Sounding Board

  • Buffer between targets and Company
  • Analysis and comments on how target aligns with stated company goals and objectives
  • Suggest alternatives if not best match

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