An Advisors Guide to Working with MS Capital


How can you help your business owner clients prepare and take advantage of the present marketplace? At the outset, we acknowledge and understand that business owners can be challenging clients. They frequently have complex business and personal needs and the information they seek is often not standard issue. Rather, that information may be related to corporate valuations or liquidity events for competitors, or overall performance data that can be used to benchmark their own corporate performance. Once business owners obtain that data, they tend to disappear under the radar for a bit of time to consider all the information they have received. Yet, for the data to be useful for a business client, it often needs to be interpreted and presented in a comprehensive manner. That’s the sweet spot for an advisor.

In order to develop a productive working relationship with a business owner and provide him with relevant advice and information in the current dynamic marketplace, it is critical for an advisor to position themselves as providing value-added services that shield the business owner and his family from estate and succession issues, as well as provide information and support for protecting his business. We can help.


MS Capital


MS Capital is an independent, national valuation and consulting firm that works with financial advisors and professional services firms to support the needs and objectives of privately held businesses and their owners, which include:

• Business Valuations
• Gift Tax Valuations
• Estate Tax Valuations
• ESOP Valuations

Business Succession Planning
• Analysis of Shareholder Objectives
• Determination of Business Value
• Identification of Liquidity Options
• ESOP Feasibility & Implementation
• Transactional Services
• General Estate Planning Information & Analysis


We are available to:


• consult confidentially on a business case with or without the client;
• discuss the first steps in the development of a business succession plan;
• discuss the potential financial and insurance planning needs;
• develop a Calculation of Value that can be used for determining a range of values and serve as a starting point for planning conversations;
• discuss estate and gift tax valuation issues relating to a privately held company or other owned business assets; and,
• develop a report that reviews the liquidity options for a business owner’s assets and provide a recommendation as to the most advantageous and feasible strategy.


Strategic Advantages:


With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Tampa and additional personnel located in other major cities, we are well situated to support all issues that advisors and financial professionals may encounter when dealing with their business owner clients and prospects.

We are independent and here to support your efforts. We have no vested interests in other products. Our goal is to provide the highest quality information and services to you and your business clients.

We do not receive any commission or portion of any sales.

We follow the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) standards that have been set forth, and supported by the IRS and DOL to govern valuations.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality information and services to you and your business clients.


What’s in it for the Financial Advisor?


  • Differentiates advisor by expanding service offering
  • A solution based approach to advising business owners
    • Advisor is on the “inside”
    • Repositions relationship with business owner
  • Provides connections to develop other business sources
  • An opportunity for advisors
    • Retain current client
    • Develop new client
      • New ownership
      • ESOP participants
      • Introduction to new prospects


Please contact us to discuss how we can help you in your work with your clients and their businesses.