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Mergers & Acquisitions


“…thank you and your organization for your support and guidance with the sale of our company. We started the process back in late summer of 2019. That seems like a long time ago. COVID threw us a big curve ball right at the crunch time of the deal. Looking back on the journey, it was a great tribute to you and the Marshall Stevens organization that you were able to hold the deal together and complete it during these uncertain times… Finding a qualified buyer seemed almost too easy for you guys. It seems like you had the buyer already in line before the marketing package was even ready for publication. That part was quick. Plus the buyer Marshall Stevens brought to the table met one of our key needs in the deal. Not the last dollar but a buyer that would take care of our employees like we did going forward. That point was paramount to us and buyer you brought to the table met that need.” – Mike Simpson, V.P.